how i make a website


Over the years, almost without thinking about it, I have developed a process I go through to make a website. Recently I thought to write it down. Initially I had the idea of making a list to go through with new clients. Then I decided to make it into a website that would augment my lessons on

On my I teach basic HTML skills. However learning HTML is only part of the picture.

HTML is just a means to and end – as are CSS, PHP and all those other acronyms. They have to do with the mechanics of how to communicate with a website. On I go through the procedure I use to work out what I want a website to say.

Other web designers have their own perfectly good way of doing the same thing. My process is not right for everyone or every website (note that as this site has no "Call to Action", it didn't fully work here) but on the whole, it does the job quite well – for me. Hopefully, seeing how I work will help you develop your way.

My aim is not to codify anything. How you make plans is up to you – but do make them.