how i make a website

8. add content pages

A great deal of the success or failure of a website depends on the home page, but it is just one step in the process. Once a visitor has crossed that threshold, what next?

Visitors rarely spend more than a minute or so on your home page. They often spend quite a bit of time on the rest of your website. Good content keeps them interested and leads them down that path to your end game.

For our Italian restaurant, a map page would tell patrons how to get there. Another page with Grandma's secret ravioli recipe engages visitors in a personal and friendly way. There is no end to what you can do.

Having a "Call to Action", such as a button with "Reserve Online!", prominently displayed on every page means that potential customers are never more than a click away from committing to the sale. However, it's a subtle game. If the your audience is not likely to be computer savvy "Call us for Reservations!" would be better.

Some sites have just a few page, others have tens of thousands – but all roads should lead to Rome.