how i make a website

7. review & edit

Once the home page is "done", I like to take a few days off. Then I come back to what I did before and try to see it with fresh eyes.

Reconsider everything. Is the message right? Is navigation intuitive? Is it clear what's in it for you or your clients? Is the look right? ...and so on. Some sites fall into place with ease. Others can be a real battle. On occasion I have had to start over from scratch. Even so, rarely have I regretted the changes I have made at this point.

Be sure you have your home page done before you go on to the rest of the site. If you are working for a client, now is the time to discuss modifications. Having only one page written means there is only one page to edit. Take it from me, making major changes to a site that is well on its way to completion is a truly tedious chore.

Most of the time and effort that goes into creating a website is not in the writing – it's in the rewriting.