how i make a website

it's not the only way to make a site, but it works for me

Making a website is more about programming people than it is about programming computers. For all their complexity, computers are relatively straightforward. People are anything but.

With all that one has to learn to make them, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that websites are just a means of communication – communication between people. They say something to someone, and a good site says it well.

It takes planning to make a site that communicates effectively. walks you through the procedure I go through to do that. By no means is this the only way to make a site, but it works for me.

Each site serves a distinct purpose and a distinct audience. Moreover, each website designer has (or should develop) his or her own personal style. Accordingly, there is no "best" way to build a website. However there are basic requirements common to most sites and a general procedure website designers follow when creating one.

Please use what I have here as an example – not a blueprint – to follow, modify or ignore as you see fit.