how i make a website

3. think about navigation

Getting someone on a website is one thing, keeping them there is another. How many times have you gone to a site and found yourself wondering what to do next? Again, that should never happen.

Once a site has piqued someone's interest, without thinking about it, they are looking for where to to go from there. Make their choices obvious and intuitive. On this site I have a big yellow button on the upper right. I also have a few links above the button and more links in the footer – but odds are you clicked the button.

Navigation should dictate site structure and now is the time I like to rough that out. Most websites have visitors landing on the homepage and going on to one of various pages from there. I make a list of the pages I think a site will need and plan the pathways visitors should follow to get to them.

Whatever that structure might be, all sites have one thing in common: at this point a visitor is yours to lose.